The idea that we develop POP Platform, it is come from issue that projects are delay and cannot deliver on time, issue logs have not been tracked, sometimes cannot find a responsible person between clients and vendors. So, these problems bring up the ideas of developing POP to help solving and improving project development. Later to complete the full cycle for sales to deliver, it is enhancement with sale tracking (SALE FUNNEL) which also the start of the project development (PROJECT DELIVER) to support after sales (SUPPORT SERV) and the need of tracking effort that has been utilized to each project (3 AXIS REALIZATION).


Sale Funnel

Sales tracking system will help record various sales activities and plan the work of the sales team. This can be done manually through data entry.

Project Delivery

System to record and track various project information from the implementation plan until the meeting together with a summary of the project performance report.

Support Serv

System to record or notify problems, follow up on work to support and solve problems, and distribute work to the responsible person.

3 Axis Realization

system to record working hours and details of each day's work for each project in order to bring the information to be calculated for further management.